New Beginnings…

…because sometimes you get sick of wearing the same outfit over and over, even if it’s your favorite.

After six years of writing a knitting blog under the name Ruby Plaid, I’ve decided it’s time to change things a little bit and head out in a new(ish) direction.  The blog itself won’t really change. I’ll still write about the things I love the most: knitting, spinning, fiber-related crafts, and crafts of other kinds.  If you’re lucky you may even stumble onto a sickeningly adorable picture of my dog Spike if the mood strikes me.  I simply felt a name change was in order that reflects what my blog is really about, a name that’s more descriptive, less…gimmicky.  Ruby Plaid was born out of my excitement of attending Boston’s Knit Out in 2006.  I wanted a clever blog name so I could put the word out and maybe attract some readers.  I chose Ruby Plaid to sound like a person’s name. Ruby is one of those great, old-time sassy-gal names that you don’t seem to come across as often these days. And the plaid? To be honest, I just wanted to use the pink plaid digital illustration I drew, because I have to admit, I am attracted to plaid (not  that there’s anything wrong with that!).

I retired the plaid last year and I replaced the ruby and pink with a pleasing blue palette.  Sadly, local Knit Outs are no more, replaced by one gi-normous National Knit Out at the obscenely huge, agoraphobia-inducing Mall of America in Minnesota.  While I enjoy watching their mall cops on TLC take down roaming groups of shoplifting teenagers, or bust the same Chinese takeout joint repeatedly for breaking mall directives as much as the next person, I’m not a big fan of flying, crowds, or flying to someplace where I know there will be big crowds.  I’m not so interested in making a wacky entrance as I am in simply attracting and maintaining a dialogue with like-minded people.

I’m excited about the future of my blog.  spindyeknitlove has been my Twitter name for a year now and it’s my online identity. Spin. Dye. Knit. Love.  It’s kind of like Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  You can take it as a set of directions for those who are so inclined.  My previous  blog home has a lot of display and layout issues, depending on what type of computer I’m on. I hope I can import my entire blog from its previous home to WordPress.  If I can’t, I’ll just go forward from here.  Thanks for reading! 🙂


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