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I’m On A Fiber Bender!

Two years ago in September I took a drop-spindle class and finally “got” spinning.  As the days grew cold and grey, and the leaves began to change, I bought my first Golding Ringspindle and some Louet light Coopworth roving and got to work.  After class I sat by the Merrimac River to practice with a spindle, some wool,  and a pumpkin-flavored coffee.  Ever since, autumn puts me in a spinning mood like no other time of year. 

Despite a cupboard full of roving and a dresser top covered in spindles, my thoughts this week have turned to scouting the internet for all things spinning.  I looked in on the usual retail websites for something new and fun to buy, but everything there was like the stash I have sitting around, unused, as it is.  It was then I turned to indie suppliers. Ravelry has been my best source of information and my fellow Ravelers have been my biggest enablers! I checked in on the Spindle Eye Candy group this week and, well, one thing led to another.  New discoveries have turned into new obsessions.  Suppliers I never heard of until last Friday are now the object of some serious internet stalking on my part. This in turn has led to my bank account suffering a little bit, but I’m sure I’ll be able to forgive myself once I start playing with my new tools.

Since I have some time to kill before my packages start to arrive, and stalking my mail carrier will do no good, I’ll vent some steam by telling you about my new fibery purchases. Because I know you can all relate.  I’m sure some of you actually do stalk your mail carriers.  I’m not ruling that out personally in the future.

I made three online purchases last week, and out of those two were companies I had never heard of.  The package I’m most looking forward to is from Bristlecone’s Artisan Heirlooms.  I was totally unaware of the beauty of their spindles, glindles, and twindles, but now they’re all I can think about–and apparently they go fast.  Glindles, as I found out on Friday, are GLass-topped supported spindles.  Twindles are topped with Austrain crystal (they’re TWinkly spindles). They’re basically Russian support spindles with fancy tips. I first spotted their work on Ravelry’s Spindle Eye Candy group.  Intrigued, I checked to see if there was a group devoted to these beautiful objects. There is. Now I’m like a little kid with a sugar high waiting for my twindle to come in the mail.  I have to admit that until recently I had zero interest in learing to spin on a support spindle.  Mike, aka the Spanish Peacock changed that with his gorgeous Tibetan spindles (also very hard to get a hold of).  Until my twindle comes I’ll hop onto YouTube for some helpful support-spindling videos. I wanna learn how to flick it!

Spindles need fiber, right? I feel a brand new spindle deserves brand new fiber. A lot of Ravelers were talking about a woman named Ginny and her company Fat Cat Knits. As with Bristlecone, it was love at first site. Again, I blame Ravelry. How could I resist the before and after photos? Her colors are amazing, and the finished spun yarns are absolutely breathtaking.  Fat Cat Knits offer their colorways in a variety of fibers, including superwash. I picked some Bluefaced Leicester in two colorways: Curry, a blend of deep yellows, gold and light greens, and Bugaloo, a cream, brown and turquoise mix.  Fiber? Check. Support spindle? Check.  Now all I have to do is learn how to use it.

During my fiber frenzy (hey-what a great name for a fiber festival! I wonder if anyone’s using it) I browsed one of my favorite online shops, Blue Moon Fiber Arts.   My problem is this: when I can’t decide on one color, I end up buying two.  This time I bought two skeins of lightweight Socks That Rock yarn from their new seasonal line.  I chose Blackbird, a black and grey yarn with hints of orange, and Currier And Ives, a festive holiday blend. So now I’ve got Halloween and Christmas covered, I may use Blackbird to finally knit the Jaywalker socks that have been around for years.  I’m saving Currier and Ives for something out of Cookie A.’s Sock Knit Love book.

So there you have it, my impulse shopping confession.  I apologize for the pictureless blog post. 🙂