The bad news: the world is ending. The good news: my spindle came.

When I moved my blog I vowed to post regularly on Wednesdays and Sundays. That hasn’t exactly happened.  I’m making an effort this week, but a day early, due to an unexpected day off from work.  A thunder and lightning storm started around five o’clock this morning.  At 7:30 I received an automated phone call that my workplace was going to open late due to the weather. I assumed it was because the parking lots were flooded, since they flood regularly when there’s heavy rain.  When I turned on the TV it became clear that the whole North of Boston area is underwater.  Strategic off-ramps leading from 128 are closed in Peabody, major roadways throughout Salem, Peabody, Swampscott, and Lynn, to name a few, are all closed due to extreme flooding.

Facebook updates from the Salem Fire Department are cataloging call after call responding to stranded motorists whose cars are partly underwater. That’s a pretty scary situation, and this morning there were several instances on the street I used to live on. There was a school bus full of kids stranded elsewhere in Salem.  None of the reports mention anyone injured so thankfully anyone who needed rescuing was successfully rescued.  But hours later roads are still closed and partially submerged, and TV news helicopters are buzzing around in the sky.  This area is currently under a state of emergency.

Since June Massachusetts has dealt with an earthquake, Hurricane Irene, and now this. I don’t even know what this is! It’s not Hurricane Ophelia, since that went offshore. Anyway, here’s a picture of Fort MacDonald’s, currently sitting in the middle of a moat, on Canal Street, which now has an actual canal. Across the street at Dunkin Donuts cars were abandoned at the drive-thru line because the water came up over their wheels. This is pretty crazy.

But you’re all here for the fiber, right? In my last post I told you about my shopping expedition.  I’m happy to report that my Bristlecone spindle and my Fat Cat Knits fiber arrived on Saturday.  This is my phoenix twindle, with a fiery orange Austrian crystal tip.  The shaft is birch. I gave it a quick twirl and man, did it ever spin! I still need to work on the nuances of support spindling, but here’s some Bristlecone eye candy. I call it Still Life With Pumpkin, just in time for the Halloween season.

Bristlecone's phoenix twindle

Here’s another shot, with a closer view of the crystal tip.

And what’s a new spindle without a little spinning fiber? The braid on the left is Fat Cat Knits’ Bugaboo colorway.  On the right is Curry. Both are Bluefaced Leicester.

I’ve been posting photos of tools more than projects lately. I’m at a seasonal impasse where work on my Noro Runway #4 short-sleeved cardi has slowed down. Halloween is upon us in Salem, and that has me thinking about skulls. I might start that slouchy skull cap pattern I bought on Ravelry.  The gnome mittens I started a few months ago will probably wait until that hat is done, and I might just keep those for myself, too.  I have decided not to knit anything for Christmas this year. Frankly, I’m too tired to worry about deadline knitting.  My family is dealing with a health crisis, and while, the outcome looks good, the next month or so will be taken up with hospital visits and procedures that could go into the holiday season.

I’ll spin and knit at my own pace to relax and to soothe my soul.


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