Knitters, Knitters Everywhere

Ahem. I don’t usually report on conversations that took place in the ladies room, but I’ll make an exception today. Nothing indelicate, I promise…

I walked into the ladies room at work this morning and saw a single ball of Noro yarn sitting on the chair by the door.  If I had to guess I’d say it was Kureyon, in a variety of purple shades.  It was still wrapped in an unbroken ball band, new, fresh and waiting to start a new project. Beneath it was a folded up piece of paper–a pattern, no doubt.

“I see yarn!” I exclaimed.  I thought the yarn’s owner might be a friend of mine who also knits.  A laugh came from behind the closed stall door.

“Don’t steal it!” Came the reply.  It didn’t sound like my friend.   Stealing someone else’s yarn never entered my mind.  Of course it didn’t! Knitters don’t rip off other knitters, right? The bad knitting karma would get you, resulting in broken needles, splitty yarnm and frogged projects.  But I will admit my heart skipped a teeeeny tiny bit when I saw it was Noro.

I never did see who the other knitter was. 

There are several knitters and crocheters in the surrounding offices that I know of.  We see each other knitting on our lunch hours and stop to chat about the pattern or the yarn.  Two ladies I know are able to knit at their desks if it’s a slow day.  I, unfortunately, don’t have that kind of freedom.  Some of the knitters I know moan to the crocheters that they just can’t get the hang of crochet, no matter how much they try.  Some of the crocheters complain that they don’t”get” knitting for the life of them.  Either way, everyone’s working on something they’ll love, and we’re all enjoying the process. Life is good!


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