It’s That Time Of Year!

It’s March, and North Shore yarnies know what that means: Yarn Crawl 2012!! Boston’s North Shore’s yarn shops are getting ready for the yarn-hungry hordes to invade in two weeks. This is the third annual crawl, and it gets bigger every year.  Last year was the first time I attended, and I had a blast stretching my crawl out over the weekend.  I can plot the routes two different ways: North up to Newburyport one day, and East out to Gloucester the next. Both are enjoyable scenic drives and there are plenty of great places to eat along each route. Saturday should be especially fun this year since it’s Saint Patrick’s Day.  Some green yarn and green beer are in order, I think, though I’m wondering what to do for dinner, since there may be a lot of folks out celebrating (i.e., imbibing) that night. :0

I am really, truly going to try to rein in the spending but as usual, I can’t make any promises. The fact that I get paid that Friday doesn’t help my resolve to not spend, yet enables me to spend if I want to. What to do?!?! What I should do is pick a project, just one project, and make that my goal for the crawl. I cohabitate with way too much yarn as it is, but the danger lies in accessories and acoutrements:  I can always be persuaded by books, magazines and project bags. I’m trying to narrow down the project to shop for. A sweater would be lots of fun, though there are some awfully cute stranded mitten patterns floating around on Ravelry, and the Hippocampus mittens are calling my name. Who doesn’t love adorable little seahorses? There are some mindblowing color combinations out there and I’m leaning toward a bright oceany blue background with a bright orange or white seahorse. The contrast has to be high or the seahorse gets lost in the background. The Kauni yarn the pattern calls for is gorgeous but $29.95 a skein. There’s lots of Zauerball colors out there to choose from…but then again, I have tons of Socks That Rock yarn lying around unused that I could–should–use instead.

Dreaming and planning is almost as much fun as crawling and shopping, yes?

In other events around town, the Salem Film Festival is in full swing this week.  It’s a weeklong all-documentary film festival that has really grown in the five years since its inception. Films from all over the world are shown and in some cases, premiered here. There are so many wonderful documentaries screened, and this year is no exception.  I don’t have time to see everything I want to, but if there was one movie I had to see this year, it was Becoming Santa. I had several chances to view it this week so I picked Sunday, when it was shown in a much smaller screening room, with only 18 seats. 

L.A.-resident Jack Sanderson lost his sense of Christmas spirit after the death of his mother; this film documents his journey to regain it by attending Santa school and training to work as Santa Claus during the Christmas season.  Jack takes us along for the ride, through an intense weekend of Santa training and on to his many Santa gigs, including mall appearances, parades and the Polar Express. 

This movie was at times hysterically funny and heartwarmingly tender.  I laughed, I cried, I cheered for Jack as his often sardonic observations gave way to the Christmas insight he was searching for.  The audience was small but enthusiastic. I love when a theater audience applauds after a show! If you’ve ever believed in Santa–or perhaps still do–this movie will truly move you.


3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year!

  1. kniterly

    ah the yarn crawl. We have one up here in Toronto too, but it isn’t until April 😦
    I am worried about my budget too. I have no self control when it comes to pretty much anything yarn related, though books are probably my biggest kryptonite :S
    Making one project your goal is a good idea. I just may have to steal that tactic…


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