Yarn Crawl, Day Two

That’s right, there’s more.

On Sunday I was looking forward to visiting Newburyport more than anything else. It’s a beautiful Federal-style city located right on the Merrimack River. Downtown is full of beautiful red brick buildings dating from the early to mid 1800s that are full of shops and restaurants.  There’s a large open boardwalk and public park right on the water. A Loom With A View bills itself as “your fiber arts destination” and it really is a destination unto itself. For one thing, it’s the only store in the area that teaches spinning and weaving classes. They always have a small selection of Frabjous Fibers dyed top in stock, and I am incapable of visiting the store without buying some! As you can see, Sunday was no exception. I have been obsessed with the color turquoise for about a year now so this is what went home with me.  I don’t have any specific plans for this fiber, but the more I look at this photograph, the more I’m smitten with the turquoise and grey combination.  Something to think about…

I was disappointed that I missed Hannah Fettig’s appearance at ALWAV.  The store was a little quiet that morning. Her new book Coastal Knits was on my shopping list but there weren’t any copies left.

Sunday was another beautiful day for a drive with the windows down. Since I started with Newburyport first, that meant I had to yarn-crawl my way back home to Salem.  Sweet! We headed to Ipswich and dropped in on Loom N Shuttle, which was very crowded.  They had a lot of Noro, but no Debbie Bliss.  So my sister and I moved on to our last stop of the crawl, Cranberry Fiber Arts in Hamilton.  There were so many things I wanted to buy such as tons of gorgeous Malabrigo and beautiful ceramic buttons.  I found Coastal Knits here, as well as Debbie Bliss’s Folk Chic and Summer Essentials pattern book.  What is there to say about Coastal Knits except that it’s gorgeous? It’s a beautiful book, from the photographs to the layout to the patterns.  Most of the patterns are sweaters, along with some cute stranded fingerless mitts and a lovely chunky cowl.  One of my favorite features of the book is the schematic illustrations. Rather than a bland rendering of the sweater’s separate pieces, the garments are shown, along with measurements, on illustrated women that resemble each of the actual models photographed wearing each garment. It’s adorable!

Since CFA was our last stop, my sister and I dropped off our Crawl passports and crossed our fingers that we would be selected for a grand prize. No such luck so far, but I still have my fingers crossed!

Got yarn?


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