A new spindle (whereupon I confess my love of chickens)

I feel kinda bad that I’m not the most regular blogger.  Really, I do. I just realized that I went the entire month of April without blogging. My knitting is sort of in limbo at the moment, mainly because the cowl pattern I’m knitting wants me to block it before continuing on and picking up stitches. I didn’t feel like blocking it and leaving it on my kitchen table, so I put down the cowl and picked up the spindle. I’m almost finished with the 8-ounce bag of Romney and alpaca roving I bought at Fiber Revival last August, and I’m getting verrrry close to the plying stage.  I want to make a three-ply yarn on a spindle, and I decided I wanted a heavier spindle to use mainly for plying.  So I turned to a website I love to stalk visit often: Golding Fiber Tools. It’s so hard to choose from their beautiful handmade spindles, but once I saw this little fella, I felt an instant cosmic connection.

This is the Americana spindle.  It’s made from butternut wood with a vintage handpainted inset. He’s a big boy at 2.71 ounces, with a 3.5″ whorl and a bronze alloy ring. Have I mentioned my thing for chickens yet?  Lately I’ve been drawn to artwork containing chickens and birds.  My kitchen is full of ceramic chickens these days, and I’m beginning to fear that I’m well on the path to becoming the Crazy Chicken Lady. But you have to admire the detailing on the inset.  Notice the blue of the sky, and the delicate dark and seafoam green in the tail feathers.

He kind of reminds me of this guy.

I’m also drawn to primitive and early American art. The inset is actually a heavy paper with a sealant over it. I don’t know exactly how old “vintage” means in this instance.

A lot of people name their spindles and wheels.  I’ve never been tempted to do the same, but I am tempted with this one. I want to call it Rob Roy, because I think that would be an outstanding name for a big, strong rooster.  This spindle came with a sample of spinning fiber; it’s the first time I’ve received any with a Golding spindle.  It was a very pleasant surprise.  I challenged myself to spin it as fine as possible on this big monster of a spindle, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  The sample is in the Jelly Beans colorway from a batt made by Inglenook Fibers. There’s a lot of stuff going on here: merino, silk, alpaca, wool, bamboo, silk noil, and angelina! It’s very easy to spin. I love the angelina.  This shop has since been added to my Etsy favorites list for future shopping sprees important academic research. I think I need to buy some angelina of my own to card into some roving. I do love sparkly! The sparkle is easier to see in the first picture, in the tuft unspun fiber to the left. The single is thicker in some places than others, not quite as uniform as I was going for, but there are a lot of different fibers/silks in here, and it is a pretty dang heavy spindle.

The spinning is almost done and the plying will soon start. I’m looking forward to Rob Roy being an important part of my spinning journey.


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