Knitting and Cooking in 90 degree heat, or, Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

It was 90 degrees out today.  I have no air conditioning in my house. So what did I do? I started knitting a sock and I made a pie. 🙂 It was either that, or go to bed at 7:30 again tonight because it’s too hot to do anything.  Sadly, this is how my entire week went down.  The plan was just to lay under the ceiling fan above my bed until I cooled off a little. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen asleep under that fan way too early every night this week.  This meant I woke up around midnight, tossed and turned for a few hours and, if I was lucky, fell asleep for a couple of hours before the alarm clock went off.   Sleep this week has been intermittent with all the Independence Day festivities going on up and down my block.  My neighbors have kindly been putting on illegal firework displays for my entertainment every morning–at 1 o’clock or so–all week.  Right in front of my house.  Cherry bombs are one thing, but when commercial-grade flares are going off over my roof, then I start to panic.  I nearly had a heart attack at 1:00 Thursday morning when I heard the distinctive shriek of what sounded like missiles right outside my house. I looked out the window and saw someone had set something off in the middle of the street right in front of my house. Flares were flying into the air and over the roofs of my very densely populated neighborhood.  There were no tragedies on my street,  but every year around this time I hold my breath and hope and pray nothing bad happens. I want to know how people get their hands on commercial-grade fireworks!

The one good thing about fireworks this year was this: I discovered I can see most of the city’s firework display from my front deck.  It’s not as good as being at the harbor with an orchestra playing, but it was great nonetheless. The rain held off until the display was almost over, but for a while I was watching fireworks while thunder and lightning started to come in.  There’s something frighteningly exhilarating about watching fireworks and lightning light up the sky at the same time, but it wasn’t long before I ducked inside for safety. When people started returning from the display carrying their deck chairs, I was glad I didn’t have to walk back in the storm.

This is the ball of Zauberball sock yarn I bought last week.  My LYS assured me that one ball will make a complete pair of socks. It was hard to pick a color from the variety of multicolored balls at the shop. but I couldn’t resist the blues and oranges in this ball of rainbowy goodness.  This yarn is incredibly soft and lofty; you can see the halo around it in the photo.  I’m only on the cuff but already I’m dreaming about wearing socks made from this. I bet they’ll be incredibly soft.   I will be taking my mom to some doctor appointments this week, and socks are a good waiting-room project.

On to the vegan baking.  Behold my lemon pie made with Ener-G egg replacer (Shhhh: it’s made from potato starch!) 😉 These days I guess I would call myself half-vegetarian, half-vegan. I appreciate the reasons for going vegan, and I’m all for creating  a healthy meal using exclusively plant-based foods, but veganism is very challenging.  And let’s face it, sometimes I crave cheese! I can usually break the week up into all-vegan days mixed with cheese/dairy days. This pie is from the back of  the  Ener-G box, and takes some lemon juice, sugar and water. It’s poured into a pre-baked pie crust and served chilled. I’ve made other lemon pies, and I like using chocolate pie crusts with lemon filling.  Lemon and chocolate work so nicely together, and it’s a somewhat unexpected combination.


There. It’s 10 pm.  That’s a decent time to go to bed, right?



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