I Won A Yarn Crawl Door Prize!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here it is. A skein of lovely Malabrigo kettle dyed pure merino wool in Tiger Lily.  I won it from Hooked in Essex, MA.  They called me on Tuesday, and I happened to be home that day thanks to a snow day off work.  I drove to Essex today to pick it up and, man, I must be psychic because I kept thinking to myself all week, “Malabrigo would be nice, even if it’s just a skein or two.” I don’t know why I had Malabrigo in mind; I didn’t know what the door prizes were because I didn’t really peruse them when they were on display during the Crawl because they and the entry slips were positioned near the crock pots and baked goods. Hello, food?!?!  Maybe it was just wishful thinking because Malabrigo can be a little pricy.

I’m happy to take home a free skein of Malabrigo.  I’m going to scan the interwebs to find a nice one-skein project for this yarn.  It’s unplied but super soft an snuggly. Any suggestions, dear knitters?

This is the first Yarn Crawl door prize I’ve ever won. My sister and I seem to be on a door prize roll lately.  Back in December, a local movie theater held a fundraiser to raise money to pay for the equipment needed to go digital.  My sister entered their raffle and won dinner and a movie for two.  We saw The Hobbit for free and then had dinner afterwards! Both the movie and dinner were awesome.

While at Hooked I picked up a pack of sewing needles because, as usual, I can’t find the dozen or so I already own.  I have small notions bags stashed all over the house with knitting projects I’ve temporarily put down. So naturally, when I actually finish a project for the first time in a year, I can’t find any. So I bought more needles because I finally finished the Spectra scarf I started last August.  I just need to weave in the ends and she’s ready to hit the town.  This occasion will be celebrated with another fabulous photo shoot at the same location as the first, Forest River Park.  Until then, enjoy some beautiful Essex scenery, and a giant lobster sign.


This looks almost like an Impressionist painting but I took it with my iPhone. I don’t know why it’s a little fuzzy but I like the effect.


The sky and clouds are amazing today.




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