Spectra Scarf: Finally Finished and Fabulous

Somewhere up above there’s a pig zooming around in the clouds, and somewhere down below they’re playing ice hockey, because surprise, surprise, I actually finished a knitting project.


Yes, I finally finished the Spectra (designed by Stephen West) that I started way back in August. It’s not that I didn’t love knitting it, I just took my time with it. I cast on during the dog days of summer, and knit from time to time in the cool days of fall. I let it languish during the frigid days of winter–when one needs a warm scarf the most–and picked it up to finish a couple of days before the official start of spring. Since there has been a significant snow storm nearly every week since February, and there’s still a lot of snow on the ground, I don’t feel all that guilty about finishing it in the spring. It’s still cool and gusty out, even though the sun is starting to feel a little warmer on my back.  I may just get a couple of weeks’ wear out of this before retiring it until the fall.

I guess one of the reasons I worked on it so sporadically was due to the weight of yarn I used.  The pattern calls for fingering weight. I chose sport weight yarn. I’m happy with the results, but damn, the more I worked on the scarf, the heavier it got.  The solid color is Filatura Di Crosa sport weight wool; the multi is Noro Silk Garden Lite.  This was my first time knitting with Filatura Di Crosa. The yarn is super warm, very soft, and very, uh, sproingy.  It springs back just a little when touched. I’m a big Noro superfan, but the Silk Garden Lite, as with all Noro yarns, is scratchy and unevenly plied in places.  It goes from thin to thick and back again frequently. I hate the really thick stitches that stand out among the thinner ones, but you can’t beat Noro for astounding color changes.  A little Eucelin should take care of the scratchiness–it’s something Noro knitters know they’re going to encounter.

I wore Spectra today and I received a compliment on it from the cashier at the grocery store. She is also a knitter and appreciated a hand-knit when she saw one. She is a regular customer at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn as well. It proves once again that knitters are everywhere!

I don’t have any photos of me wearing the scarf because today I didn’t have anyone to take a photo of me. I took a few by holding the camera out in front of me but they didn’t turn out well.

I wouldn’t rule out making another Spectra in the future, but I’ll make it in the fingering weight the pattern calls for. So that brings me to my next crossroad: Which UFO should I finish next? I have a Noro sweater almost halfway done, but I’ll pick up something smaller first. In the running are the Cambrian Cowl from Coastal Knits, Lion Brand’s Cloudsong Cowl, and the Jaywalker socks.  I’m leaning heavily towards the Cambrian Cowl.  It takes bulky alpaca yarn, and it’s a  very quick knit.  The only reason I stopped is because the pattern called for blocking it a certain point before continuing so the cowl would lie flat when picking up stitches. I didn’t feel like blocking it.

I can be a real jerk sometimes.




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