Albers Cowl, Part Deux


Here I go again. I’ve called a do-over on the Albers cowl. I have new yarn, a new colorway, and the first square out of three is almost complete. Reknitting this project has made me realize two things:

  1. I’m really OCD about color.
  2. I really hate garments that are knit entirely in garter stitch.

Let me elaborate. Didn’t someone once say the proof of insanity is doing the same thing over and over? Does returning to the same colors over and over again count? Well, it should. My attraction to the whole aqua/turquoise thing has been well-documented on this blog.  I think we can add magenta/fuschia to the crazy list.  As soon as I started knitting with my new pinks and magentas, I realized these are virtually the same colors in the Noro Silk Garden Light yarn I used for the Spectra scarf I recently completed. I also have quite a bit of yarn and spinning fiber in my stash in similar colors.  Sure, it’s OK to have a favorite color or two, but seriously, what gives? I’m beginning to scare myself.  At least the first Albers square I knit was in a completely different palette.  The newest Knit Picks catalog came in the mail recently and even though I just placed an order for Palette, I was mesmerized by the two-page spread of all the Palette colors.  I’m thinking of buying a bunch of yellow/burnt sienna/brown yarns just to break out of my rut.  I know–Harvest Gold again, right? But what am I to do?! Professional help may be in order.

Not only was I unhappy with the colors on my first attempt at this cowl,  I didn’t like the way the square turned out, either. Because it’s all garter stitch.  All-garter stitch garments bug me because to my eye they look like something that something that someone would knit because they haven’t learned any other stitches yet. There. I said it. There are so many wonderful stitches out there that create such beautiful fabric; why use only the most basic one? The first square looked lumpy and uneven, and this pink one is shaping up in a similar fashion. Clearly this project is one that will benefit greatly from blocking, so I Won’t Stop Believin’ just yet. The cowl pictured on the pattern is beautiful, and of course that’s what made me buy it in the first place.  The projects on Ravelry are equally gorgeous, so blocking is the key. I bought some blocking mats from Knit Picks when I bought the Palette yarn. I figured with a serious lace shawl attempt in my near future, these would be useful things to have. I’ve made my peace with blocking. Weaving in ends, however, is another story, and this project has tons of ends to weave in.

Remember last week when I broke my Denise interchangeable needles? I ran to my LYS to buy a fixed set of circulars to complete my project and the saleslady there told me that Denise replaces their needles.  I emailed the company and sure enough, they told me to mail them the broken set and they would send a replacement.  I mailed my busted set to them last Saturday.  This is what came in the mail today:


It’s exactly one week to the day that I mailed the broken set out. Thank you, Denise!

I passed this sign today outside a local restaurant proclaiming free beer!


Only there wasn’t any. Viewed from a certain angle, they had me fooled.

Good one, Shanty!


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