Knit Picks Dishtowels in Dishie Yarn

The dishtowels are finally done! These  were delayed slightly and at one point almost in danger of not being finished on time for my brother’s birthday. I progressed steadily on this project for a good month and a half, until a nasty sinus infection knocked me flat on my back for much of June. I thought I had come down with a summer cold so I was treating it with over the counter cold and cough meds. When I didn’t improve and my nasty cough got even worse, I finally saw my doctor.  Two rounds of antibiotics later, I was starting to feel normal, but the hideous cough lasted another three weeks.  In addition to the extra antibiotics, I had nasal spray, which I’ve never used before. When that didn’t improve things, I moved on to an inhaler. Not fun.  Knitting, blogging, and fun things in general were thrown to the wind and replaced by wheezing, napping and much grumpiness.


But everything’s back to normal! Here are the finished towels in all their dishy glory. I loved everything about knitting these; the pattern, the knitting itself and (eventually) the yarn. Dishie, how could I ever have doubted you?

My brother was happy with his gift. The first thing he said when he opened the box was “Wow, these took a lot of work.” Thank you!! 

I would love to make these again sometime.




Happy Birthday, Bro!

Happy Birthday, Bro!


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