A Picture-less Post (because it’s been a while.)

HI! How are all of you? I hope you’re warm and dry and happily stitching away at something fabulous. It started snowing in these parts about an hour ago.

I know. Long time, no write. it’s also been long time, no knit around here. I never did post part 2 of my Fiber Revival report. I have some nice photos I didn’t post yet so I do want to share them with everyone at some point. But that some point won’t be before Christmas! I really admire the bloggers who post regularly!

There have been a lot of knitting starts and stops since August. The cloche hat project I picked up at Fiber Revival is still sitting in the kawaii sushi bag that I also picked up at Fiber Revival. The brim is proving unexpectedly irritating so I banished the hat for a while. It’s not a permanent ban, but I figured it’s silly to wait to knit something else until I finish it.  So I decided I wanted a pair of mittens for winter.  While shopping with Knit Picks I came across a free pattern for mittens with a braided cuff. The pair takes one ball of Wool of The Andes and one ball of Shamrock. Shamrock has been discontinued for a while, but guess what?? I had two balls of it in my stash!! I also had several balls of WOTA in there as well! More than enough to make a pair. This is the first time I’ve successfully shopped from my stash and had exactly what I needed to start a project. So I have one mitten that’s almost done, I just need to do the thumb. I couldn’t get exact gauge so I went a little large. My handknit mittens usually felt a little as they are exposed to rain, snow and ice. A couple of times cleaning snow off of my car and they’ll be nice and snug!

I’m currently hard at work on this little number. The Armande cardigan. I love the unashamedly retro styling and I share designer Andi Satterlund’s love of period movies and clothing. This was calling out to me to knit it, so who am I to ignore the call of the knit?!  I know, I’m always whining about never finishing a sweater. Although this pattern has earned a Tangy rating on Knitty, I’m confident that I can do it this time.  The construction is seamless, so, you know, Yay. I don’t even have to stitch down the pockets! The pockets are knit with separate needles and a new ball of yarn, then placed on holders. The end stitches are slipped, then picked up and knitted along with the next stitch on the needle as you come to it, attaching the pocket to the main body fabric. How cool is that?

Another plus for this pattern: it uses Cascade 220, my favorite reasonably priced yarn. I needed 6 hanks but I bought one extra just in case. If I don’t use it, it will look good as a warm winter hat. My only problem so far with this project was choosing a color. The Heather colorways are all so pretty. I was impatient to start it so I didn’t want to order the yarn online if I could find 7 balls in a LYS. I chose a dark green heather, which is lovely and vintage-looking. I am very picky about wearing green because I have red hair, but this is a dark, classic color and it’s perfect.

I have a question for all you knitters and crocheters out there. Does your dog stare intently at you while you knit? Mine does. Spike, my Chiweenie, sits next to me on the couch, with his face really close to my knitting, and just stares at it. Sometimes he whines a little, like my knitting is making him anxious. It’s been suggested that he’s miffed because I haven’t knit him a sweater yet. Several years ago my mom had a dog who would also stare at me while I knit whenever I came home for Christmas. She would sit in front of me on the floor and just watch me knit. Shannon was a very gentle soul and my mother volunteered at a local nursing home by attending a sort of “obedience school” class that all the residents could watch. The dogs would then visit with all the residents, going from person to person. The lady who ran the classes would sometimes crochet while her husband did the training, and my mom always told me how Shannon would sit by her and watch her crochet! Can anyone relate? Let me know!

Happy stitching to you all!


2 thoughts on “A Picture-less Post (because it’s been a while.)

  1. Venessa Sylvester

    My sweet dog Georgina isn’t the least bit interested in my knitting, but my cat Kiki wants to be involved, mainly in sitting on any portion large enough for her, or putting herself between my eyes and my hands.
    Side note: your link “this little number” appears to be broken.


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