North of Boston Red Sox–I Mean Socks.

I was reading through this blog earlier today, going way back to the first post here on WordPress, and I’ve come to a sobering realization: I buy an awful lot of yarn and spinning fiber. I also lose securely store an awful lot of yarn and spinning fiber. It’s so secure even i can’t find it, to the point where much of what I’ve bought over the past couple of years has still not been used. I reviewed my posts about past yarn crawls and fiber festivals and saw photos of yarn I totally forgot I own.  I mentioned a lot of projects I planned to make but never did.  Clearly a serious spring cleaning–and a call to A&E’s Hoarders–may be in order.

So the fact that I’m making good on my yarn crawl purchases of two weeks ago makes me happy, since I’ve completed two projects and I’m working on a third. Maybe I’m not such a lazy, lazy knitter after all. I’d like to take credit for being industrious, but the fact is, I’ve done so much knitting because I was home sick this week.  There seems to be a new springtime tradition in my house: the Annual Spring Upper Respiratory Infection. This year’s was particularly hideous. Thankfully, I’ve improved greatly over the past couple of days, I won’t hit you with the details other than to say I’ll never take breathing for granted again. Much of my knitting was done late at night because I couldn’t sleep, and that became stressful.  Forget about “I knit so I don’t kill people,” My slogan this week was, “I knit so I won’t go bat crap crazy!”

I finished the Tangier Cowl I was working on from my previous post. Color #10, by the way, is called Forest Glade. I bought one ball of Cascade 220 Tangier during the crawl, but stopped in Seed Stitch Fine Yarn a couple of days later waiting for Indian takeout to be ready and saw the yarn in a color called Denim Blues that I didn’t see at Coveted Yarn. I bought it to make yet another Tangier Cowl, so now I have two. The cowl was such an easy and fun pattern to knit, I cast on for the second one as soon as I cast off the first one. Knitting an easy pattern took my mind off of how miserable I felt, so I plugged away at it while watching episodes of The Worst Cooks In America that I DVR’d (Go Jamie!). I need to press and block the cowls.  They’ll be the stars of my next post.

Once the blue cowl was off the needles, I pulled out the sock yarn I bought from Heather, the owner/dyer of Mad Color Fiber Arts. She’s always at Coveted Yarn during the Crawl, and she always brings a ton of wonderful goodies with her.



This is her Doolally fingering weight yarn in the Poison Apple colorway. It was originally a club exclusive but she brought it back as a general color. It’s bright and dark red, with some black and grays running  through it, you know, just to add a touch of Evil Queen. I think Poison Apple is the perfect name for this color! The tiny tote bag is from a company called Rock Flower Paper.I love their bags and I have several of their totes and zip pouches. They’re handy and they use heavy cotton fabric that comes in many beautiful prints.  I bought this bag on the day of the crawl but not at a yarn shop; I found it at a stationary/toy shop in Rockport called The Paper Mermaid. It’s the perfect size for a sock project. If you’re a Bag Ho like me in the North Shore/Boston area you should make your way over to this shop. She carries a wonderful selection of purses, totes and bags of all sizes that make great project bags.



Here’s a closer look at the colors in there. The green in the yarn looks greener in the photo than in person. It looked browny-grey to me, kind of like when an apple is bruised or goes bad. Way to commit to the whole bad apple theme! I’m knitting plain stockinette socks with my all-time favorite basic sock pattern from The Yankee Knitter. A bold color such as this might cry out for a more daring sock pattern, but I enjoy the comfort and warmth of a simply knit sock, and I didn’t want to think too much this week, so I’ll let the color do all the talking. I’m sure these socks will stand out against whatever I’m wearing them with.



I’m well on my way with sock #1. Since I have a doctor’s note excusing me from work until Monday, tomorrow will be another exciting day of knitting and breathing.



Yay for breathing.


2 thoughts on “North of Boston Red Sox–I Mean Socks.

  1. Boston Knitter

    I love those reds! I got a color from Heather called Lil’ Sister, and some lovely blue and green silk hankies to try spinning. I’ve been so run-down this week (thankfully I missed the upper respiratory infection–been there, done that, go on ahead without me–this year, but not the sinus infection that I typically get in the fall) that I still haven’t done a blog post about my crawl haul…or the last stage of my KAL, ugh. I’m a terrible blogger when spring rolls around and the illnesses dance through my life.

    1. magpiecrafter Post author

      I’m also a terrible blogger and I’m always annoyed with myself when I let it slide for a few weeks or months. I enjoy reading your blog, btw, f-bombs and all! lol

      Heather does amazing work. I look forward to her Yarn Crawl visits. I look forward to reading your crawl post if you decide to write one–I still have to share the rest of what I purchased, but there’s only one more skein of yarn as yet unknit. 🙂


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