Seaside Happiness

Today I’m taking a break from photos of knitting  to bring you a little travelogue about one of my favorite places to spend the day: Rockport, Massachusetts. Rockport is a pretty New England seaside village that’s right on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about an hour north of Boston by car or train. It’s a popular day trip destination for tourists since it’s so close to Boston. It’s been a popular destination with artists for over a century thanks to the natural beauty of the ocean and the old New England houses and fishing huts.

I snapped a few photos a couple of weeks ago after my last stop on the yarn crawl. Most of Rockport’s shops and restaurants are seasonal so a lot of them were closed, but there were plenty of places that were open. Such as Tuck’s Candies, because I need my fudge and salt water taffy fix when I’m in town!  There were a lot of people out as well, even though it was a little chilly.

I tend to take photos of the same things over and over when I visit, and I’ve probably posted some of them on this blog in the past. Forgive me for being so repetitive.


This is Bearskin Neck from a distance, It’s a peninsula, so there are great ocean views from either side. It’s thin but crammed with shops, restaurants and houses that are so close to each other, if one neighbor wanted to borrow a cup of sugar from their next-door neighbor all they’d have to do is lean out their windows.  I love that giant tree that towers over everything.


Here’s a shot of some of the buildings along the ocean, with the beach in front. These are all shops, eateries, residences, a motel, and a new performing arts center. Fun fact: Rockport was a dry town until a few years ago. No alcohol was available for sale so if diners wanted some with their meal they had to bring it in to the restaurant with them. (Presumably it was purchased in Gloucester, the next town over.)


I love this little gazebo, it looks like a mini fortress tower overlooking the sea. It was accessible to the public until about four years ago, when someone bought the open field in front of it and built a giant mansion. It’s too bad because people used to take their wedding party photos in there. The movie The Love Letter was filmed here in 1999. For anyone who’s seen it, the Fourth of July fireworks scene was filmed on this land when it was just a big grass field, pre McMansion days.


Yep, Rockport rocks.

Before you know it summer will be here and I’ll be able to go back and spend a day here and there while the weather’s good. Where do you like to go to relax and be happy? Discuss!


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