Because I Don’t Have Enough Spindles

…I had to buy a couple more.  So I have a spindle collection that’s shaping up nicely. Off the top of my head I’m not sure how many I have at the moment. I’ll have to go through them and see what’s what. I think the number is somewhere around 15-20.  I’m a natural collector, I need to accumulate stuff. Cataloging my spindle collection would be a nice future blog post, I’m sure. Most of my spindles are from Golding Fiber Tools in Vermont. After that, I have a couple of Greensleeves, a couple of basic Ashfords, two Turkish spindles (one Spanish Peacock, one Jenkins) I have yet to spin on (damn you, half-hitch knot, what am I, a sailor?!), a Spanish Peacock Victorian Ladies silk spindle that I can’t for the life of me get the hang of, and a few other assorted models. Yes, I think taking serious inventory of my collection is in order.

But on to my two newest beauties from Golding. Last week I noticed a beautiful spindle made with pink ivory and holly for sale. This is part of their “Gemwood” series.


See the back of the attached card for the stats:


At 1.8 ounces this spindle has a nice weight to it. I love how the pink and white woods pop against the darker walnut.

The second spindle is one I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. I love purpleheart wood’s deep purple color. But whenever I log onto Golding Fiber Tools with a purchase in mind, I end up being distracted by the gorgeous vintage spindles with their antique jewels and enamel and metal findings. On Friday, I finally bought a purpleheart spindle, and it’s beautiful!


This one’s a bigger model. With a 3″ diameter whorl, It’s pretty hefty at 2.1 ounces, and feels nice and sturdy in my hand.


The spindles came with a sample of fiber from Ingelnook Fibers in a color called Brick Wall. I love that name!


I ordered my spindles three days ago, on Friday morning. They were on my doorstep the next morning!  That is usually the case when I order from the Goldings. I wonder if it’s because Massachusetts is right next to Vermont, so Priority comes overnight instead of two days. I love the almost instant spinning gratification I get when I shop on Golding Fiber Tools; I received a shipping confirmation email an hour after I placed the order. Do the Goldings run each and every order to the Post Office when they receive them?!

I’ve started spinning some Ashland Bay merino in Cyan on the pink ivory spindle. I’m working my way through a three ounce bag in order to do something fancy: ply two different colors together. I’ve been spinning for about 5 years now, and I’ve always been content to just spin. Except for a little experimentation, I haven’t really moved on to the plying stage yet. I find the act of spinning alone to be pretty satisfying. But that’s all going to change. Yes, I’m finally pushing on to the next step! It’s about bloody time, right? I have various balls of handspun stored in my home that are crying out to be plied and knitted. So I give in!

When it comes to my crafts, I’m not very organized. I work at a leisurely pace. I go with the flow. I spin but don’t ply. I knit something, put it down, pick up something else and put that down, too. I lose needles and tools and end up digging around in my stuff when I want a specific item in hand.  I always thought of myself as a product knitter rather than a process knitter because my original reasons for learning to knit was to have sweaters and other garments for myself. But I’ve come to realize that I enjoy the process more than anything else; a sweater at the end is just icing on the cake.

I suppose my crafting philosophy can be summed up as follows: Enjoy the journey, don’t worry about the destination. It will always be there.



One thought on “Because I Don’t Have Enough Spindles

  1. Boston Knitter

    I am also a collector of stuff. I’m sure you’ve seen my Rav stash. That’s not even all of it. It’s almost embarrassing (especially since right now I actually have the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome and can only force myself to do maybe five rounds at a time on my Brigit sock). But what’s even more embarrassing is my fiber stash and spindle collection (I’m currently up to three, but supposedly there’s a fourth on its way to me….WHICH I ORDERED BACK IN MARCH AND I SUSPECT I’M JUST OUT THE $81 SINCE SOMEONE WON’T GIVE ME A DAMN TRACKING NUMBER ahem excuse me), because I. Do Not. Spin. I have managed exactly three handspuns, listed two on Rav, and only photographed one. One of them I did dye myself, which was fun, but I suspect I’m strictly a knitter. Well I guess I’ll just have to thrum the bejesus out of my fiber stash….and maybe just give the silk hankies a whirl (ha. Unintentional) since I’m at least 3% sure they won’t, you know, thrum. I’m done novelling, I swear. And maybe if I ever finish my sock, I’ll blog again. But oh, that evil sock, it’s sapped my will to blog….


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