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Knit Picks Dishtowels in Dishie Yarn

The dishtowels are finally done! These  were delayed slightly and at one point almost in danger of not being finished on time for my brother’s birthday. I progressed steadily on this project for a good month and a half, until a nasty sinus infection knocked me flat on my back for much of June. I thought I had come down with a summer cold so I was treating it with over the counter cold and cough meds. When I didn’t improve and my nasty cough got even worse, I finally saw my doctor.  Two rounds of antibiotics later, I was starting to feel normal, but the hideous cough lasted another three weeks.  In addition to the extra antibiotics, I had nasal spray, which I’ve never used before. When that didn’t improve things, I moved on to an inhaler. Not fun.  Knitting, blogging, and fun things in general were thrown to the wind and replaced by wheezing, napping and much grumpiness.


But everything’s back to normal! Here are the finished towels in all their dishy glory. I loved everything about knitting these; the pattern, the knitting itself and (eventually) the yarn. Dishie, how could I ever have doubted you?

My brother was happy with his gift. The first thing he said when he opened the box was “Wow, these took a lot of work.” Thank you!! 

I would love to make these again sometime.




Happy Birthday, Bro!

Happy Birthday, Bro!


Summer Crafts


The dish towel set for my brother’s birthday is zipping along nicely. This is towel number three (out of four). The lunchtime knitting has been making an impact and I’m getting through this project a lot quicker than I thought I would. True to my sci-fi knitting heritage, I knit the majority of towel #2 and started towel #3 while watching V For Vendetta on TV last week. For some reason, that movie has been making the rounds on cable television lately. It’s on again tonight on IFC, which probably means it will be shown with no commercial interruptions, unlike  some channels out there *cough*BBCAmerica*cough*.

Today I did nothing but read knitting and spinning magazines in bed, directly underneath my ceiling fan. Has anyone read the summer issue of Spin Off? I thought it was fascinating, with its emphasis on historical spinning.  I particularly enjoyed the article on the unusual spinning wheel that was restored and is displayed at a Jane Austen museum.  All the while I was eating a bag of Fruit Rolls–fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls.  They pop up around Halloween and the holidays packaged along with other Tootsie products, but I haven’t seen them bagged by themselves since I was a kid. So when I saw them at the Special Thoughts Outlet today, I bought two bags.  Does anyone have any childhood favorite candies that are out there but hard to find today? Share your stories with me!

Last week I was complaining that it was unseasonably cool. Now we’re having a heat wave and it’s been 90 degrees every day since Tuesday. And I’m still unhappy. So I guess that means I’m just never happy, weather-wise. What can I say, I’m a complainer! Knitting with cotton is fine for warm weather, but what should I make when the towels are done? I have Ann Weaver’s Partition Cardigan on deck, but I’m not sure I want to knit it during the summer. Yet I want to wear it in the fall. I’ll probably end up casting on for the cardigan next anyway, with thoughts of cool autumn weather and walks in the park among the changing leaves to keep me cool while I knit.

I popped into Beadworks today because I haven’t been there in a while. I wanted to find starfish-shaped beads. Now I have a quick little project shaping up to put me in an a cool ocean mood.


Dish Towels, Cotton Yarn. Or, Cotton. Oy.

I don’t seem to be able to work on one project and one project only. Ever. I get the desire to move on and start something new, even when I’m happy with what’s on the needles in the first place. I managed to work on the Albers Cowl from (re)start to finish focusing all of my attention on it, but now that I’m in the weaving-in-ends stage, my attention is starting to wander. The weaving in is tedious but coming along, to be followed by blocking each square and then sewing them together. Due to an impending birthday deadline, I’ve cast on for the Dish Towels pattern featured on Knit Picks’ website. Four towels make a set.

I have to admit I’ve never had the urge to knit dish towels before, but this pattern is so cute and so simple, it had me at Cast On…I don’t know, maybe it’s the jaunty racing stripes. The towels have a clean, retro look that I really dig.

Knit Picks was sold out of the Ocean colors kit when I placed my order so I used their Kit Builder feature and chose the yarn colors and the pattern. I don’t like the dark green Jalapeno so I chose the peachy Conch as the fourth color to keep with a beachy/ocean theme. Since my brother lives in a town known for its ties to the sea, I thought it was a nice touch.  Kit Builder is a great tool, but separately the cost is higher than the kit. I didn’t how how long it would take me to knit four towels so I bit the bullet and hit the buy button (I’ve gotta stop doing that).

I’ve knit with cotton only once or twice before, so I’d forgotten how different it is from wool. I gave up on a sweater that’s currently stuck in the Ghosts Of Projects Past bin because the cotton kept sticking to the needles. That was when I learned that plastic Denise Interchangeable Needles and cotton don’t get along very well.  I cast on in Conch for the first towel on a humid day earlier this week and almost regretted starting the project in the first place. The cotton yarn was slippery on the wood needles–a little too slippery–but sticky on my fingers. My cast on was very tight so the first row was hard to knit; passing the stitches over was frustrating. And then this happened:


Cotton, you’re not exactly winning me over.