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It’s a smorgasbord! (of yarn!)

No matter how much yarn I have hiding in my house, more keeps finding its way in. I’d make a joke here about how the weather’s getting too warm to knit and all, but it’s been rainy and cold all week here in the ‘burbs of Boston. The sun finally came out today, but then the wind kicked up. So it’s still cold out. Uncool, Nature!

The yarn I’m referring to is, of course, more Knit Picks, which I love because it’s so budget-friendly.  Remember when I told you all about the cotton yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago to make dish towels? I bought 6 balls of Wool of The Andes as well, for an as-yet undecided project that I hinted at in my previous post.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s going to be Fair Isle. This much I have decided. I’m thinking about trying my hand at designing something original but  incorporating a traditional Fair Isle or Norwegian chart. I might make a cowl, which feels like sort of a cop-out. But I’m not that into math so a more complicated garment is not in the cards for now.  For the most part, it’s the armhole shaping that intimidates me; measuring myself, adding a few inches for ease and knitting a tube sounds easy enough.

I’ll keep these colors in the back of my mind and think of something fun to knit. Though I will probably stick with the cowl idea. I want to do the fair isle in the color couples as pictured. I don’t know exactly what I’ll end up with, but I’ going to have fun figuring it out. Now, where can I get some knitter’s graph paper?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy love-hate relationship with cotton has come to an end. I am loving knitting these dishtowels with Dishie. Lookie–I already have one done! Well, except for washing and blocking.  I’m done with the Conch yarn and have moved on to Azure. I can’t believe how fast these are to knit. I finished the first one in a week, including knitting on my lunch hours. I’m already past the first set of white stripes on the Azure towel so I’ll be approaching the halfway mark soon.

I’m glad I gave cotton yarn a try, although I suspect the unseasonably cool weather we’re having is contributing to the ease in knitting. I’m hoping to be done with this project before the humidity kicks in, which, at this rate, feels like never.